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Fears Charger - Lindsay Montgomery

Fears Charger - Lindsay Montgomery

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Fears Charger, press-molded and painted earthenware, painted tin-glaze.

Dimensions: 46cm

Toronto, Canada

*Please note that the exhibition runs from Oct. 19 - Jan. 24, 2018. Due to all of the variables involved with shipping, shipping costs will not be available until after Jan. 24th when the work is taken out of the exhibition. These costs are calculated using your address and the weight and dimensions of the work. Shipping costs will be calculated within two weeks of the exhibition end date and you will be notified via an email or phone call.

If you are purchasing this work as a Christmas gift, please email by Nov. 30th to arrange an earlier shipping date. Requests made after Nov. 30th will not be accepted. For any additional questions, email or call 403-529-1070